Is The Sony RX0 Mark I Still Useful Today in 2021?

Updated 3:00 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 23, 2023

How Small Is Your Camera?

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Is The Sony RX0 Mark I Still Useful Today in 2021?


The Sony RX0 is a really tiny camera. The 1st version is actually smaller than the mark ii, but it doesn't have the flip up screen.

The image quality is really good for such a small camera, and you can match the footage to an A7Sii camera. The A7Siii might be a bit of a stretch…

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I wonder what the mark iii version will be like…

sony rx0 - still good?

Do you like small cameras?

Where would you put the RX0?

What People Are Asking…

Is Sony RX0 waterproof?

Indeed it is--it's also drop-proof and crush-proof, but it does have limits…

Is the Sony RX0 mark ii better than the mark i?

The 2nd version of the Sony RX0 has quite a few upgrades, including a flip up screen, but it still lacks in body stabilization like the 1st one, so that makes it kind of difficult to use for vlogging.

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Can you use a Sony RX0 as an A camera?

It's really small, with a 1 inch sensor, so it's really more like a C camera, but you could use it as a B with an alpha series camera. At the same time, there are no rules, so why not try it out as a primary camera?

Can you take stills with a Sony RX0?

You sure can, and you can get some really nice photos with the camera using the auto or manual settings--it's surprising how much you can adjust on the camera.

Should I get a GoPro or a Sony RX0?

If you're doing a lot of action, the GoPro is considered THE action camera of today. If you want a more cinematic look with a small package, the RX0 can handle that. For vlogging, you might want to think about the DJI Osmo Pocket because it has a built-in gimbal for stabilization.

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