FilmLab App – Scanning 35mm & 120 Film Negatives With A Phone

Updated 2:53 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Do You Keep Your Negatives?

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FilmLab App - Scanning 35mm & 120 Film Negatives With A Phone


We talked about the best phone apps you can download, but now we have another app to check out.

Do you think film negatives are worth the trouble?

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I think at this point, phones are just trying to show off…

filmlab app - scanning negatives with phone

I wonder if some people use this app as their primary scanner.

How do you like to scan your negatives?

What People Are Asking…

Is FilmLab app free?

It is indeed--just download the app to an iOS or Android device.

Is there an app to scan negatives?

There are a bunch, but at the moment, I'm using the FilmLab app to preview negatives before a proper scan--it's free!

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How do you use FilmLab app?

You hover your phone over the negative, grab a photo, and then crop - remember this is just a phone app and not a dedicated film scanner, so don't expect miracles.

Is there an app for developing film?

You can convert negatives to photos, if that's what you mean…

How do I scan negatives to my digital?

You can send your negatives off to be professionally scanned, or you can do it at home with a flatbed, film scanner or app.

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