The BEST Way To Film Multiple Camcorder Videos At The Same Time

Updated 2:57 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Can You Multitask With A Camcorder?

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The BEST Way To Film Multiple Camcorder Videos At The Same Time


When you digitize camcorder footage, it ends up being one long clip. It's not really a problem if you're working on one video, but if you're shooting multiple projects on the same tape, you could run into some issues when you get to the editing room.

Have you used a camcorder recently?

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Have you ever had issues with tapes?

how to record multiple camcorder vids

Do you think VHS is cool?

Well…at least you get small files with VHS tape.

What People Are Asking…

Can you still buy VHS tapes?

You sure can--I get mine from Amazon.

Is there a market for blank VHS tapes?

I guess it depends on if you're looking to buy or sell, but there are people who still use VHS cameras because they like the look…there just might not be a lot of people…

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Should I keep old VHS tapes?

You should digitize VHS tapes as soon as possible, because the tapes will not last forever--once they're gone, they're gone.

How can I play old VHS tapes?

You can play VHS tapes with a VCR or a VHS camcorder connected to a tv or computer.

Can you record over a VHS tape?

You can, but you might need some tape to cover some holes/notches if it's a prerecorded tape.

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