Would You Rather…? 🥴 TOP 15 Minecraft Edition

Updated 2:47 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 23, 2023

What Would You Rather?

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Let’s Watch!

Would You Rather…? 🥴 TOP 15 Minecraft Edition


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What’s up?

Are You Ready for Some Would You Rather?

Hello, it's me–I'm Steven Allen. How are you doing today? 

Well, today we are going to play some Minecraft and Would You Rather.

I kind of stopped making gaming content with Would You Rather. I might get back to it, if that’s something you’d enjoy–let me know.


One in a Million – Lyrics


Let’s Talk!

Time for Those Questions

15. Would you rather have a permanently runny nose or have a permanently stuffed nose?

A runny nose looks bad.

Maybe a stuffy nose…seems like it would be better…it's annoying, but people wouldn't see it run.


14. Would you rather have no internet or have no phone?

I guess no phone.




13. Would you rather eat 50 chicken nuggets or eat six Big Macs? 

I think chicken nuggets instead of Big Macs, but I don't want to say too much because, you know, you want to get those sponsorships

I’ll say the chicken nuggets because those are good, and 50 seems like a lot, but they used to sell packs of 20. Maybe they still do. 

Did they used to sell packs of 50? That seems like more of a normal thing to do, to eat a lot of chicken nuggets over Big Macs.


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12. Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?

I feel like you can speak in other ways–you could speak through writing.

You don’t always want to say what you're thinking.



11. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or fight one horse sized duck? 

I guess one instead of 100, because if you have 100 of anything, it's a lot.


10. Would you rather have a photographic memory or be able to totally forget anything you want? 

Probably better to forget whatever you want, because there are those moments that you're like…oh, can I just forget that


would you rather?


9. Would you rather have a job you love making no money, or have a job you hate making loads of money?

It seems like it would be better to have a job you hate and make loads of money because then you could just do the job you love on this side as a hobby.


8. Would you rather stop aging for the next 20 years or win $150,000 in the lottery? 

Let's stop aging!


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7. Would you rather live with no electronics or have no friends?

That one hit different…

I guess I would rather have no electronics, but part of me feels like I'm already with the electronics and no frien–let's skip that one.


6. Would you rather always fall asleep at 9 p.m. or always fall asleep at 1 a.m.? 

I guess it depends on what time I need to get up in the morning.

Let's fall asleep at 1 a.m. That seems, you know, more adult.



5. Would you rather climb a mountain or skydive? 

Let's climb that mountain. 

I don’t want to fall out of the air.


4. Would you rather have a time machine or have a teleporter? 

I feel like the teleporter would be better, but I don't see how that can work because doesn't it have to like, dismember you…dismantle you…disperse you…and then create you somewhere else?

How is it going to do that with your soul…with your spirit…what makes you…you?

Wouldn’t you just be a clone or a robot? Correct?

Where am I going to go with a time machine?

Into the future…could be worse…into the past is worse!

Where am I going to go?

Let’s put some diversity into these questions… I guess let’s use that teleporter…


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3. Would you rather make a phone call or send a text? 

It depends.

Do I need to have a full-on conversation and say like, “what's good”... “what’s t”?

I don't like a long text. If I see a long text, I ignore it.

Whatever is being said in that long text, I don't need to see it. You know, right now I don't feel like making a phone call, so let's just send a text.


2. Would you rather never watch baseball again or never watch football again? 

Both! I’m kidding.

I feel like I would rather watch football…right now–I'll put it that way. Allegedly! I don't know. 

You don't know where your sponsors…blessings…are going to come from. You don’t want to speak out of turn…out of pocket. So let's just say we'll watch football for right now

Maybe you’re singing the national anthem for somebody’s baseball team…they get offended that you said…YOU SAID…you never wanted to watch baseball again.

They come after you about that kind of stuff. 


One More Thing!

Is Lateness Okay…

1. Would you rather arrive everywhere 5 minutes late or arrive everywhere 20 minutes early?

I would rather arrive everywhere 20 minutes early because if I need to arrive somewhere late like a party…one time I did it wrong. 

It was a party on a Tuesday night and all the people were basically club kids. And so they were like, “the party starts at 10 p.m.” So I get there at like 9:30 p.m., thinking there'll be some people there, and then I can leave at like 11 p.m.

No one got there until 1 a.m.

I was like d@mn! 

So I was there for a really long time. It was at a restaurant, so the people at the restaurant felt bad–they just gave me food while I waited, lol!

There was actually one person there earlier, so I chatted with him for a while. 

But yeah, you could go somewhere else and come back if you're 20 minutes early. If you're 5 minutes late everywhere, there will be some important things where you need to be on time or be there a little bit early–being 5 minutes late could be a problem.

So I would rather be early, you know…then you can make yourself late or just on-time if you need to. 


Okay, I think that’s enough. I think we've been at this for a thousand years.

Well…that was Minecraft with Would You Rather.

Until next time, take a little time to make art and be brilliant–I'll talk to you later–goodbye.

What People Are Asking…

Would you rather?

That really is THE question…isn't it?

Am I too old to play Would You Rather?


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Is Would You Rather fun?

Yes, but it depends on the questions.

How do you play Would You Rather?

It's easy--just answer the questions.  

Is it difficult to play Would You Rather?

It can be, if you take the game seriously…


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