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boslem (lyrics)

by steven allen

the prillen store bandcamp

(verse i)
it's storming outside so much lightning where's the rain
you open the blinds and I want to run outside and maybe things will seep away
but you keep me in your room

your room dark and stale
hot like a southern summer clean like a roach motel
and your gaze is fixed on the absent sun

I hear what can I do for you
how can I help
you used to ask me what I think
and how I felt

why, oh, why do I think of you
when you haven't a thought of me
why, oh, why do you care about the rain

(verse ii)
look at the trees, see them lose their leaves
hear the birds scream
watch the squirrels try to flee as the wind beats their tails
the ceiling starts to pop and crack, drums and flashes accompany that
as dirt begins to melt into mud, the driveway overflows in blood

and now I see how alone I feel again with you semi on my side
brown hair, blue shirt, warm eyes, blank stare
you clutter me with your comprehension
chaotic but still it's there

(verse iii)
I said it was my fault
n0, you said
I said I could have stopped this
no, you said

in this dramatic play, the ground releases steam
the water hates the shell we're in
it's trying to pierce the glass, our screen for viewing the cast

you said, no, you were a child
you need to leave hell back there
I'm not used to that

not in a friend
it is broken

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