PART 2 – Let’s Play MINECRAFT Multiplayer Online SERVER for the FIRST TIME 😳 PART DEUX

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A Second First Time

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Let’s Watch!

PART 2 - Let's Play MINECRAFT Multiplayer Online SERVER for the FIRST TIME 😳 PART DEUX

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What’s up?

Ready for Some Minecraft?

Hello, it's me–I'm Steven Allen. How're you doing today? 

So we’re playing Minecraft again. I wanted to try playing one of those realms.


One in a Million – Lyrics

Let’s Talk!

Maybe the 2nd First Time Will Be Better

This is part two of playing the online server. I'm still trying to figure all of that out. I would like to do some more of this, so let me know what I should look into with Minecraft.

Let's just get into it, okay? So many “sub” games to choose from–let’s just pick one.




I should have done a team, but do you have to already know a person to be in a team? 

I found my locker. What am I doing? Is this the game? Oh, it starts in 8 seconds. So this is like a waiting room for your game to start?

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I am so confusion.



Ok, where am I? What is this? Ok, so it hasn't started yet. Ok? And I have a sword. 

Ok, that's a chest. So wait, hold on… How do I grab this stuff quickly? Ok, go.


Let's grab that. Let's see if we can stick some armor on. How do I quickly put it on? Take half?

play minecraft multiplayer online server

I have to stick it on myself? This is going to take so long! 

What's better? I'm just going to put this stuff on because I don't know. 

That seems better and shinier, right? Iron Sword? Stone? Iron is better. 

Let me walk out of this room because there might be some people that want to attack me.


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People love to attack you quickly, while you're trying to figure your stuff out. 

Let’s see if I can get on higher ground. Oh, can you break blocks like this? 

Wait, are you kidding me? Oh, return to the playable area. Oh, I thought someone was attacking me. Ok, so I guess they don't want you to get too high.

The magenta team has been eliminated. Ok, so I'm just trying to knock people out–good to know.


Now, how do I get over there? So I need to mine connections–make a bridge over to the other area. Ok, I see you there. They try to sneak attack you. 

I keep seeing all of these teams eliminated. Where are they?

I'm looking, ok. I see you over there. 

Somebody might try to create a bow and arrow and get you. Ok, let's see what's in this box. Let's take all this stuff. I have some armor. Let me put these boots on. Are these boots better? Chain? Is chain better? Chain just looks nicer?


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Yellow team is eliminated.

I know I'm not playing the game right, because I should be going out and eliminating…I guess… 

Next time I should play with the team–a team of two or something.

I know how to make a bridge, but I'm just concerned about making one and as I'm doing it, someone attacks me. Well, let me try… Hold on… What was that noise? Minimum height is now active. 

I'm going to try to make a bridge over there. Let me mine this, because I feel like I haven't really been playing the game.

Ok, let's see if we can make a connection to this. How are you supposed to do it?



One More Thing!

This Game Can Be Tricky

I knew as soon as I made the bridge, someone was going to jump behind me and attack me.

So that was fun… Actually, it wasn't really that fun because I didn't do it well, but I tried…

So we'll just have to keep playing. 

So clearly I need to work on my Minecraft situation. I AM working it out.

I want to know what I should explore with this game because there's so much to do.

I’m using the Apple iPad version…the mobile version of Minecraft.

I'm using the iPad because it doesn't have a fan, and my MacBookPro has a fan…like, it REALLY has a fan…also, my iMac.

You’d just hear all of the fan noise if I tried to record a video using the desktop version, which I think is the proper version of Minecraft.

There are so many different versions of Minecraft. I saw that there was also a Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft, which I've heard is not that great, but I don’t know…allegedly…like it's very limited

This iPad version, or this mobile version, seems to be pretty good…I guess–but I've never actually played the proper version of Minecraft. I've just seen videos of it.

I tried doing the OBS thing, but my computer could not handle streaming and recording at the same time, and I need to record the videos because I want to post the videos, unless…someone let me know if you can stream with Twitch and have Twitch record your video. Could you just pull it from there? Maybe that could work?

If I had like a PC or something like that…I'm saying “like” a lot. Anyway, I just wanted to say I am playing the version of Minecraft that my computer setup can handle, and I'm just trying to figure it out because some people have commented that I'm not playing the right version of it, and then others are like, “He's playing the right version.” 

Maybe I could try streaming with Bootcamp on my Mac and use the Windows partition–I wonder if that would make a difference.

I do want to play other games too. I've played Warriors Woods here–I really like that game. I just don't think that there's a lot to really talk about while playing that game. 

With Minecraft, it's an adventure game, so you can kind of explore. Maybe it's not the best to use the 8BitDo SN30 Pro controller with the game–but I like it. 

There's actually also a Minecraft version that's on the PSP, like the PlayStation Portable, the original PSP 1000, but it crashes, so I've never really played it on that. I was able to open it and walk around a little bit, and then it would just crash out.

Maybe I just need a link to a Wikipedia article about this Minecraft situation because I'm confused about it. Please give me tips–someone told me how to “run” in Minecraft. Thank you for that because I was going mad slow. 

What am I even talking about? Minecraft? That was…that was like a lot

Ok–until next time, take a little time to make art and be brilliant. I'll talk to you later–goodbye.

What People Are Asking…

Is Minecraft free to play online?

Yes, but there are paid options too, if you like spending money.

Is there a way to play Minecraft online?

Yes, login--go to your Minecraft account, and choose a multiplayer online server.

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Am I too old to play Minecraft?


Is Minecraft fun to play?

Sure, but it depends on how you play the game.

Is Minecraft available for iPhone?

Yes, there is a mobile version you can play on an iPhone or iPad.


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