How To Make a Stainless Steel Pan Non-Stick 😲 🍳 BEST METHOD from TikTok

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Is Stainless Steel The IT Pan?

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Let’s Watch!

How To Make a Stainless Steel Pan Non-Stick 😲 🍳 BEST METHOD from TikTok

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What’s up?

Cooking & Sticking

Hello, it's me–I'm Steven Allen. How are you doing today? 

I want to show you how to make a stainless steel pan–non-stick.


One in a Million – Lyrics

Let’s Talk!

Let’s Make Stainless Steel Work For Us

You want to heat up your pan, and let the little water mercury ball skate around. When it does, that means your pan is hot enough. Then you can put your oil in–your butter–your fat–your lard–whatever you put in–and start your cooking process.

At that point, you shouldn't have issues with sticking, even when you use some type of oil




Best Fried Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan

Steven Allen
how to cook delicious fried eggs in a stainless steel pan without sticking--not exactly making the pan non-stick, but close to it
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 350 kcal


  • stainless steel pan (omlette pan)
  • spatula (metal)
  • measuring cup (optional)


  • 2 extra large eggs (brown)
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (optional-ish)
  • ½ tablespoon unsalted butter (optional-ish)
  • kosher salt (freshly ground)
  • black pepper (freshly ground)


  • this step is optional, but to avoid cross contamination, crack the eggs into a measuring cup, so they are ready to pour when the pan is ready--wash your hands
  • heat the pan on medium heat until a deposited water droplet dances around like a mercury ball--if the water droplet sizzles and evaporates immediately, the pan is not hot enough
  • add butter and/or oil to hot pan, you can reduce the heat, if it's too hot--it's ok if the butter starts to brown, that will give a richer and nuttier flavor to the eggs
  • cook for about 2 minutes (you can puncture yokes if you don't want them to be runny), then flip and cook for an additional minute or so
  • move eggs to a plate and season with freshly ground salt and pepper to taste--if you season while cooking, it can change the texture of the eggs, especially the salt
  • enjoy!
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Let’s Figure This Out

On TikTok, the videos were saying you didn't need to use butter or oil–it would just be nonstick with heat. That seems to not be the case.

If you can do that with a stainless steel pan, let me know, because I was not able to make that work.

We're cooking with gas.

How do you cook your eggs?? Click To Tweet

So I thought I would just cook some eggs. Now for me, I don't like to deal with the sally and monella (salmonella), so I like to crack my eggs into a measuring cup, then pour from there, after washing my hands.

Egg prices are so expensive. I got 365 eggs from Whole Foods because their prices are normal–not sponsored.



And I like brown eggs–extra large.

Today we're going to cook these eggs without using any oil or any butter. I like to use extra virgin olive oil to cook everything. It had a really strong taste at first, but now I'm used to it and really like the flavor.


make stainless steel pan non-stick

EVOO like Rachael Ray, and it’s again 365. I get everything through 365–Whole Foods knows…where to go

So crack these eggs–I like to put the little shells in a plastic bag in my refrigerator. Any organic matter that can spoil, I put it in the refrigerator, instead of a trash can, so I don’t have to take the trash out as often. 

These eggs are old, but I think they smell fine. If it doesn't smell like anything, I think that means they’re okay.


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Best Fried Eggs 🍳 in a Stainless Steel Pan 😋


Now look at these eggs. You can see the little white stuff on them. I don't like that. So I take that out. I don't do all that. I'm going to pull that out.

I don't like the little jizzy part of the egg…whatever…

I’m normally better at removing it, but this is completely falling apart. Keep in mind, this is for me.



Now, if I was doing this for you, I would just leave it in, because I don't know how to do it any other way that isn’t absolutely, like, horrible to watch. I'm just like, fingering the eggs.

You know, on the Food Network, when they wash their hands, they just do a little splash and they're done. What? Wash your hands! Use soap!

Back to the point of this, so you want to turn on your burner, and you want to have it going for a bit. Now, they say the test is if you see it sizzling, if you sprinkle some water into the pan, it's not ready.


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You want the liquid to roll around like a dangerous bead of water where you're like, is that mercury or is that water? I think this heating process closes up all of the little scratches in the pan to create a smooth even surface.

We still have that sizzle and pop–that means it's not ready. So we want to wait just a little bit longer.

Ok, so we're getting there–the bead is just rolling around. It looks crazy.

This is supposed to be non-stick at this point–allegedly

Every time I've gotten my pan to this point, I would always use oil with butter because I found that if I just use butter OR oil, it would still stick.

So I think we are at that point. I want to see what happens now. I'm just going to put half of the egg in, because I don't want to ruin an entire expensive egg. I don't think this is going to work.

Nope–that's mad sticking. That did NOT work. Y'all lied–they lied on TikTok.

So now what I'm going to have to do is wash this and show you how I typically prepare my eggs. This is ridiculous

I'll try to save this and see if it tastes okay. It looks horrible.

Alright, with a clean pan, let’s try this again.

With a little butter and oil, the eggs are cooking and looking simply perf.

So now I am going to salt and pepper half so we can do a little taste test.


One More Thing!

Let’s Have a Taste

We have a nice crispy edge on the eggs with the butter and oil.

The eggs with just the hot pan are a mess–they look like a sponge

I'm curious what this tastes like. I think this will taste like metal.

With a bite…it’s fine. It's just kind of a spongy texture. It's like a seafood texture. I don't know…

Maybe I'm just missing the butter flavor, so let me try the other eggs.

They are much better, obviously…

I would like to do some more cooking videos. I want to try some recipes–some baking–some cooking–some whatever. Let me know. 

Until next time, take a little time to make art and be brilliant. I'll talk to you later. Goodbye.

What People Are Asking…

Are stainless steel pans good for eggs?

Yes, you just want to avoid sticking!

How do you keep eggs from sticking to stainless steel pans?

Make sure you heat the pan first, and use some butter and/or oil.

What kind of pan do you like to cook with? Click To Tweet

Is nonstick or stainless steel better for eggs?

Really, you can use either one.

Is it better to fry eggs in stainless steel or cast iron?

Both are good choices--you'll just need to prepare the pans.

Can you use butter on stainless steel?



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